Bloomington Graffiti


I recently took a History of Hip Hop class with the assignment to pick one of the four elements (MCing, DJing, Graffiti, and Breaking) to identify and analyze locally. I had noticed graffiti on a building along the b-line trail and decided it would be a perfect wealth of information for this assignment. A friend had mentioned previous graffiti work there that was covered up, just to yet again be graffitied–always love a good rebellion story and interesting to see the differing opinion of city officials and graffiti artists  regarding community art appropriation. I came across several alley ways around the Kirkwood area to photograph in addition.

2012-10-01 17.31.17

2012-10-01 13.30.26

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A couple years ago I found myself newly single, nearly unemployed, way overstressed, and basically depressed. I had just wrecked my car, my mac laptop had been stolen, and things were just not going my way. If it’s any inclination, I was affectionately called ‘Snicket’ for my series of unfortunate events.


Whenever I’m at a low point, I turn to creativity to take my mind off things and inadvertently work out my frustrations. I decided to make a collage of all the things I wanted for myself and came up with this Dreamboard… and weirdly enough everything came true in its own unique way. I hung it on the wall in my room and whenever I was lounging around or before I went to bed I would look at and know it was only a matter of time before I would obtain my goals. Sure enough, I began to see things fall into place little by little. I truly believe the best way to accomplish anything is to positively visualize it coming true. I know, it sounds kind of hokey but the more positive energy you put out, the more it will come back. Our words are powerful, which is why “I can’t” or “I’m not good enough” or “I’ll never make it” get no results.

For example, on my board I put a picture of a car with a little saying “A car for the person you set out to become.” For almost two years I was relying on public transportation and walking to get everywhere–including things like grocery shopping or getting to work. I knew I financially couldn’t afford buying a car, so I placed it on my Dreamboard. Sure enough, I ended up buying my car for $300 from a coworker who had just got a new car. Granted it needed some work, but instead of coughing up a huge sum of money at once, I was able to get it worked on over time and pay for it as I went. Now, it wasn’t like I made this board and things started instantly coming true, but within a year of making this board I finally had my own transportation–something I will never take for granted.

I’ve learned that I can plan thoroughly for the future, but life still has a way of surprising me. Instead of worrying, I try to take things a day at a time and think positively about my future desires and goals–and so far things have worked out pretty well.

Photo on 2-19-13 at 12.40 AM #2

Poppin tags party tomorrow with my AppleBees crew; couldn’t resist a makeup run through

The Preventative Perspective


A few days ago I received a phone call from my little sister, beyond desolate about her breakup with her boyfriend. They lived several hours apart and had been dating for a few months, but in that short amount of time my sister had drank the koolaid and fallen in love.

Now I don’t care what, who, or why a man dumps you, there are some sure-fire ways to respond that will at the very least help keep you sane and maintain perspective.

1. If a man walks out of your life, do not chase him!! Sure, you could try talking him out of it, or try showing him why you both are destined to be together… but are you going to do that every time he has a doubt about something? Hell no, ain’t nobody got time for that–especially you!!

2. Remember that nothing is permanent until death. Just because your partner leaves you, it does not always mean goodbye forever. Now, he very well may never come back or want anything with you again… men generally don’t break up with a girl out of nowhere and there is usually a premeditated plan of escape or waiting for an opportune moment for “the talk.” Keeping this in mind, he definitely will not come back because of guilt or your ability to make him see how much he is losing. These are realizations he MUST have on his own.

3. THE PREVENTATIVE PERSPECTIVE: The medical world is mostly concerned with treating symptoms. What are the symptoms of a breakup? Anger, self-doubt, insecurity, depression, and so on… I say instead of dealing with the symptoms, do everything in your power to PREVENT them! It all lies in perspective… In any situation whether you’re having a fight, breaking up, or dealing with a challenging situation it is always best to remain optimistic. Stay positive and remember that this is not the time to burn a bridge when emotions are running high; this is simply what the person you care about wants and needs right now. However, if you are determined to be upset and have a pitty party, then there is a very slim chance of things ending well. But if you choose to realize a closed door isn’t the end of the world or your love life—the sooner you walk through the next door.

4. When entering a relationship, be geared with a preventative perspective and handle situations with GRACE. In the case of being dumped–if you act crazy, get super emotional, beg and plead, or act like it’s the end of the world, you are only CONFIRMING HIS DECISION. As hard as it may seem, play it cool. Express yourself in a calming matter—you will want to be shitty, petty, inflict the pain this breakup is causing you back onto him—DON’T DO IT! Now, if you could care less by all means unleash however you would like. But if this breakup is happening and you genuinely love this person, give them what they are asking for… if it’s time, space, or they say they don’t feel the same way give them an opportunity to figure out their feelings.

5. Stay busy; hang out with friends, exercise and workout the frustration, start a project you’ve put off, reorganize your stuff, take this time to reflect on your life. Do not check his facebook profile. Do not text him. Do not try to talk to his friends or find ways of “subtly” throwing reminders of your relationship into his life. Remove yourself—this is the most powerful move you have. If he wants a breakup, give him one. One with no dramatics, no little reminders, or “you’ll see what you’re missing”—don’t even let him see. MAKE HIM WONDER, GIVE HIM MYSTERY. Don’t let him know you miss him, don’t let him know how broken you feel. You will want to hear from him, to know this isn’t easy for him… Trust me, men have emotions too and often deal with it PRIVATELY as should you. Any public displays or attempts of communicating to win him back will only push him farther away. This is the hardest part… you feel that doing nothing will lead to nothing and I promise it is the opposite. For some reason, they always come back just never in your timing, which is what gets women tripping.

All of this is easier said then done, but if you can keep calm and collected, maintain a positive perspective of the situation, and stay busy bettering yourself things will go much more smoothly.

Butler Please


This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none, and this little piggy went “wee, wee, wee” all the way home… and got the butler to come and take care of the travesty that is my naked toes!! I always like to have a bright color on my toes–especially since I’m a huge fan of sandals and going barefoot whenever I can.

The vividness of the blue is refreshing and provides a bright take on a normally calming hue.


When using this polish I did two coats and finished it with Sally Hansen’s Salon Finish top coat for glossy, protective brilliance. Essie brushes tends to carry extra polish, so when applying the first coat be sure to rim off the right amount of paint to make sure it’s not too gloppy. Patience is key and by the time you finish your first round of coating on all toes, go back to the toe you began with and start the second coat.

*Also remember if you are having a mani/pedi day to always start with toes first so not to mess up any fingernail polish action!

Who Run The World



In honor of Beyoncé’s recent performance at the Superbowl I thought I would share her mini-documentary, “Beyoncé: Year of 4” surrounding her latest album, which I have probably watched close to 20 times already. Whenever I’m feeling unsatisfied, useless, or lacking motivation I love to watch this video. This woman is a prime example of dedication–a concept easy to understand, but much harder to put into practice. I came to college wanting to find my voice, my purpose… as a fifth year senior I realize it’s not about finding my voice but learning how to use it.

“I feel very vulnerable when I perform a song for the first time. I may not say it, but I’m terrified… When I did Girls I was like, ‘Oh my god what am I doing? Why am I here? Why did I do this?… I like that nervousness; I don’t like it in the moment, but I know that it just means that I’m… I want it and it means that it’s challenging to me and I’m doing the right job. You can’t be too comfortable and too confident.”

And that really made me think–when was the last time I was nervous like that? When was the last time I wanted something so bad I poured everything I had into it and allowed myself to be truly vulnerable? There will always be a reason or obstacle to keep you from achieving, but if you can push past the nerves and the what ifs you might just find yourself performing a kick ass show at the Superbowl.

No More Film


I was always the little girl at church that older ladies would comment on; my fashion choices were sometimes a tad too bold for the dear folks of First Baptist–including my seemingly outlandish nail polish…”Oh my is that fungus growing on those toes? Teeheehee” I’m so glad I never took such outdated criticism seriously–color has made a come back and it seems anything goes. Darker colors which at one point got me comments on my gothic, depressive look have now been redefined and rocked by women regardless of age, lifestyle, or profession–making it universally current and a wonderful choice during colder seasons. There are only so many shades and manipulations of red that one person can wear. When I saw this color of Essie nail polish I knew I had to have it; “No more film” is a rich purple that makes a dark pop with its violet hue shining at just the right moments when it hits the light.