Iced Mocha Goodness


Saw this ice tray for $5 at Forever 21 & decided it would be perfect to make coffee cubes–An efficient way to keep your iced coffee from getting watered down & maintaining flavor!
Cubes came out with ease, no mess, and it looked awesome–I will definitely be utilizing this tray again and am tempted to go back to buy a few more to make punch or sangria!! Colors included lime green, hot pink, and sherbet orange & was also available in heart shape.

Essie: Play Date & Beyond Cozy



I keep itching for spring to get here already and in anticipation I couldn’t resist Essie’s Play Date–this vibrant, pastel purple feels so fresh and lively. I especially loved the glimmery splash of Essie’s Beyond Cozy–I thought the glitzy golden sparkle adds a sophisticated flare to the overall look.

The first layer of play date looks almost chalk-like and a tad muted, so I did two coats and finished with Sally Hanen’s Salon Manicure Top Coat for a protective, glossy look.


Beyond Cozy is a very chunky polish that can clump easily if you rush and glob it on there. I used two coats, waiting about 5 minutes between–being sparring with the second coat, filling in any spaces to give the sparkle a full look. I then finished with three coats of Sally Hansen’s Salon Manicure Top Coat; again, waiting several minutes between to help dry faster and keep from glopping-up the polish. I used several layers of finishing gloss because I like my nails to feel smooth and the glitter of Beyond Cozy is a bit rough to the touch. Overall, I got a lot of compliments at work and in class–will definitely be doing this one again!

Under lock and key


Pain is a concept that becomes more real. At first, it’s like a scraped knee or not getting a part in a school play. It turns to heartache, trusting feelings with someone who is too young and incapable to understand the responsibility that love involves. Pain continues to cut deep, with loss of loved ones—finding yourself unable to fathom an existence without. Finally, there is a pain; one buried in a place so far inside, you didn’t know it existed. A place meant to keep things locked away… But pain always seems to find a way out. Tears that come streaming in the stillness of night, reminding you the pain is real. You tell yourself to count blessings, remain positive, stay focused, move forward—because sorrow can consume if you let it. Yet this is a pain not even God can keep inside you.

Change is inevitable; everyone knows that. The thing people never count on is circumstantial change, the ultimate alteration you never dreamed of facing. It is one that makes no sense and remains utterly cruel, only growing more and more bitter with time. They say time heals all wounds; when in fact, it heals nothing. Time allows sharp images to soften, wounds to scab over and scar… it gives disillusionment that you are moving on, tricking yourself into thinking the past is no longer relevant. Instead the only thing relevant remaining is the pain, a pain deep inside only awakened ever so often… because you’re good, very good, at maintaining normalcy. You were bred to do it; besides, what could you really do about it anyways? Maybe you could turn back the clock—or perhaps, just settle for a few tortured paragraphs.