Gypsy Love


We met when I was a baby, only 19
Running around with a fake ID
My mantra was live care free & reckless
Every night in a different sundress 
That night we made out, a twisted allegory
For a question mark saved, became a funny story
One day we got down, passion was heavy
Kept it going for awhile, coulda been going steady 
Not one to be tied down, so I kept it moving 
Altho many times I regret not proving
Why I was a girl worth playing for keeps
But I was young n scared to take big leaps
Then one day it became so clear
You were the guy I longed to be near 
Your style, that smile, and gypsy eyes
Made me wanna be a girl u considered a prize
Not because I thought I needed to change
But to match your power and change the game
You’re guarded with walls of immense height
And I’m stubborn enough to try and fight
My way into your circle and gain trust 
I know I might fail, this may only be lust
But one thing I know for certain is how I feel
Something I’ve struggled to conceal
So fuck it, here it is, layed out on the table
I like you, I want you, a love left unlabeled 

The year of Power


(a quarter century over as we know it)

I have achieved, struggled, succeeded, failed, conquered, avoided, reflected, pondered, questioned, searched, and arrived at this point. This beautiful, weathered, infinite moment…

A moment to bask in all that has and all that will be; I am ready for power. I am ready to chase the me I’ve always said, dreamed, hoped, envisioned, prayed, knew I would be.

Power means leveling up, challenging myself, pushing the limits and an unrelenting chase after my dreams. I am ready.