Black life matters to me


I’m not black and will never be able to identify with that experience, but I have encountered first hand plenty of ignorant people who continue to use their ignorance as an excuse to pardon their racist comments and actions. This must stop.

I’ve been told my love of a beautiful black man is “jungle fever”–seriously what is meant by that? Do people ever take a moment to hear themselves and what comes out of their mouth?

I’m attracted to intelligence; a motivated man with integrity that shows me respect and can make me laugh. If they happen to be black, awesome. And if I happen to date a series of black men, it’s not a trend or a fetish…it’s how my life is unfolding.

“Well, I have black friends.” Congratulations, aren’t you such a little citizen of the world… Just because you have people who are either unaware of your racist side comments or choose not to address the problem, does not give you the right to say discriminatory shit.

Let me guess–you’re just joking? Well your jokes set back civil rights and propels a mentality that is crippling to a race that has been unspeakably opressed. Learn your history. If you feel comfortable saying such things, what does that really say about your own character? Your beliefs?

Whatever stereotypes, preconceived notions, or other ingrained racism we encounter, it can’t be greeted with complacency. Educate bigotry, do not encourage or allow it. I refuse to accept a world where such blatant, ignorant hate is brushed aside because people are too uncomfortable to have a conversation or think it’s alright to have racist ideologies.

The even bigger responsibility comes down to the fact that our words hold power and it’s time to take ownership. No more careless jokes, off color comments, or straight up racist bullshit. This is the land of the free and while that does permit certain freedoms, don’t make a mockery of something thousands have died fighting for and defending by belittling your fellow man. Regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion–all men were created equal; let’s start acting like it.

The Beat is My Native Language


C2C’s album Tetra is one I can listen to whether I’m working out, taking a drive, or lounging around the house. I fell in love with the diverse groove and the replay value is incredible. This band is made up of 4 French DJs who met in high school, that came together to create a versatile album with an electro, hip hop, and rock influence with an overall funky 70’s vibe. The band won the DMC World Competition four years in a row (2003-2006). ¬†Check them out on soundcloud here::¬†

C2C: Happy Ft. D. Martin

C2C: Delta