One nation, under white privilege with liberty and justice for some…


I love black people. I have black family. I have black friends. I’m in love with a black man. I also have white privilege.

My heart aches with a pain I can only know so much; my white privilege has shielded me from prejudices, fears, anxiety, and suppression that I will never be able to fully grasp. There is always an excuse, a pardon, a glance the other way to the racial injustices this country is all too familiar–with white privilege keeping too many ignorantly bliss. Black Life Matters.

The visual, the physical…America has a real problem. No one can see past stereotypes, airbrushed beauty or lack thereof, hyper-sexualization, gender, pigmentation, sexual preference, hair color, body size… What happened to, “You can’t judge a book by its’ cover?”

All life matters. All life is sacred. The hate in this world, the fear of different, of the unknown, the unfamiliar–what if this was greeted with acceptance instead of assumptions. What if the world could be a fair place? What do we do as a nation when we can’t seem to find a solution?

I find myself mourning, praying…writing in hopes of finding the answer. Thousands upon thousands are peacefully protesting–the light is there and where there is light, I know there is hope.

No two people are the same. Everyone has their own experiences, environment, family, preferences, opinions–it’s what makes us as a species so damn special. Hell, we praise, adore, celebritize to place on a pedestal those who we deem special enough. Are there generalizations that can be made about groups of people based on a variety of attributes? Sure. Is that in any way a solid basis for the treatment of others? Absolutely not.

The world is a scary place. Officers put their lives on the line and can be in life threatening situations, this I cannot contest. The human race is flawed…which is why the system does not work. How many innocent lives must be lost, both cops and civilians alike, before we stop pointing fingers and start implanting a real change of heart? How many racially charged incidents have to end in death before some real consequences are established?