Find your niche


Pieces to a puzzle

You can call me jigsaw

Find the edges, fuck a frame

Defying Newton’s law

Lots of places, tight spaces

Working hard to find the fit

Expectations, limitations

Make it hard to submit

People saying I should settle

& give up the dream

Not counting on my mental

Girl doing big things

Talk all you want, cause I ain’t fronting

Been around long enough

Lioness been hunting

Killin’ it since ’89

Yeah boy, you know me

I may fail, I might fall

But I got that degree

& I would rather be starving

To know I have that hunger

Out on the prowl

Mark of a true hunter


Girl can’t help it


Silly little girl

Filled your world

You begin to unfurl

Let your feelings run away

But you knew he can’t stay

Thought you knew this by now

Yet you fallin’ somehow

Trippin’ over pretty words

Go ahead, take a bow

Mistakes here and there

A fatal love affair

Inhibition released by touch

Guess I smoked too much

Feel tricked but I got treats

Boy be making hot beats

See me runnin’ these streets

Tellin’ me I’m so sweet

Got this passion, it was heavy

But no hope of going steady

Life’s a game, so they say

And this is just foreplay

About a boy


There’s something different about this boy

Got me feelin’ like Helen of Troy

He has style with a classic grace

In his finger tips when he grasps my face

An old soul groovin’ to a fresh beat

My favorite place is tangled in my sheets

His laugh, his smile, he’s got these eyes

That see right through, got me hypnotized

But more than that, I feel seen

No longer stuck in between

That feeling of whether it’s real or not

Because no matter what this man was brought

Into my life under the strangest of chances

And the simplest things, he enhances

At the very least my heart is on fire

He is the spark made to inspire

I feel like…


I feel like a storm; rolling through the hills with thunderous booms & clashes of light.

I feel like a seesaw; the ups & downs, the weight moving me just an inch off the ground.

I feel like a banana; with a hint of green, ripe for eating but lacking flavor.

I feel like a question; that has no answer just rhetorical irony.

I feel like a candle; that can fill a room & burn for hours until my fire has no more wick.

I feel like a plant; needing trimmed so I can have the chance to regrow.

I feel like a little girl; with big dreams and a blank canvas to paint them on.

A word on relationships…


In the past two days, I’ve been approached by three friends with relationship woes seeking advice. At the heart of their very different situations I found one overarching theme–breakdown in communication. My conclusion is such:

  • 1. Remember that everyone shares differently. Some people prefer face-to-face contact, others texting or a phone call. There are those who are more passive-agressive and expect their loved one to read between the lines. Everyone grows up learning to express themselves differently. It requires patience, understanding & a willingness to try different approaches. Write a letter, set aside time to discuss any issues, make an effort to step outside your comfort zone in order to gain perspective. Sometimes the clearest message comes from simple actions.
  • 2. If a relationship is not working despite best efforts, be realistic about eachother. Sure, people can change bad habits, or try to appease their partner by working on issues–but at the end of the day there will be characteristics you must accept or walk away from. This is one of the hardest things to do, but most crucial. It won’t be a black & white moment. There will always be things you love about someone, but if the things you are struggling with are things down the road that will be an issue, it’s time to think about going your separate ways. 
  • 3.  Just because you are in love with someone, doesn’t mean they are the right person for you. At the basis of every great relationship, is a strong friendship. This can make the idea of a breakup seem unbearable, losing someone who was more than a lover. It’s comes down to realization that you aren’t right in the long run for eachother. I’ve always believed we are meant to have more than one soulmate. Different people come into our lives at just the right time. Someone might have been perfect throughout highschool, college, your first big-girl job, but when it comes time for you personally to move forward, they are something you have to leave behind. Change isn’t easy and being single has it’s moments, but with a little self discovery and reassessment of your goals; you’d be surprised how okay you will begin to feel.