Nail Obsession #Essie #OPI



With rumors of a extreme cold weather approaching I was inspired by snowflakes. I used Essie’s Mint Candy Apple with accents of OPI’s A Phil’s Paradise from the Modern Family collection. With Mint Candy Apple, I find two coats, sometimes three are necessary and with a Phil’s Paradise I used two layers, being very light with the second coat, otherwise polish can become gloppy. As a finish coat I used Sally Hansen’s Ultimate Shield Base & Top Coat.


A look I did a few weeks ago used the same OPI silver shimmer, A Phil’s Paradise. I used Essie’s After School Boy Blazer as my accents. I loved the dark navy blue hue, especially with the multiple nautical themed outfits I was wearing. As with my first look, I finished with Sally Hansen’s Ultimate Shield, I find this finishing layer to work especially well since it dries quickly and doesn’t muddle the polish.

Essie: Play Date & Beyond Cozy



I keep itching for spring to get here already and in anticipation I couldn’t resist Essie’s Play Date–this vibrant, pastel purple feels so fresh and lively. I especially loved the glimmery splash of Essie’s Beyond Cozy–I thought the glitzy golden sparkle adds a sophisticated flare to the overall look.

The first layer of play date looks almost chalk-like and a tad muted, so I did two coats and finished with Sally Hanen’s Salon Manicure Top Coat for a protective, glossy look.


Beyond Cozy is a very chunky polish that can clump easily if you rush and glob it on there. I used two coats, waiting about 5 minutes between–being sparring with the second coat, filling in any spaces to give the sparkle a full look. I then finished with three coats of Sally Hansen’s Salon Manicure Top Coat; again, waiting several minutes between to help dry faster and keep from glopping-up the polish. I used several layers of finishing gloss because I like my nails to feel smooth and the glitter of Beyond Cozy is a bit rough to the touch. Overall, I got a lot of compliments at work and in class–will definitely be doing this one again!

Butler Please


This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none, and this little piggy went “wee, wee, wee” all the way home… and got the butler to come and take care of the travesty that is my naked toes!! I always like to have a bright color on my toes–especially since I’m a huge fan of sandals and going barefoot whenever I can.

The vividness of the blue is refreshing and provides a bright take on a normally calming hue.


When using this polish I did two coats and finished it with Sally Hansen’s Salon Finish top coat for glossy, protective brilliance. Essie brushes tends to carry extra polish, so when applying the first coat be sure to rim off the right amount of paint to make sure it’s not too gloppy. Patience is key and by the time you finish your first round of coating on all toes, go back to the toe you began with and start the second coat.

*Also remember if you are having a mani/pedi day to always start with toes first so not to mess up any fingernail polish action!

No More Film


I was always the little girl at church that older ladies would comment on; my fashion choices were sometimes a tad too bold for the dear folks of First Baptist–including my seemingly outlandish nail polish…”Oh my is that fungus growing on those toes? Teeheehee” I’m so glad I never took such outdated criticism seriously–color has made a come back and it seems anything goes. Darker colors which at one point got me comments on my gothic, depressive look have now been redefined and rocked by women regardless of age, lifestyle, or profession–making it universally current and a wonderful choice during colder seasons. There are only so many shades and manipulations of red that one person can wear. When I saw this color of Essie nail polish I knew I had to have it; “No more film” is a rich purple that makes a dark pop with its violet hue shining at just the right moments when it hits the light.