The Beat is My Native Language


C2C’s album Tetra is one I can listen to whether I’m working out, taking a drive, or lounging around the house. I fell in love with the diverse groove and the replay value is incredible. This band is made up of 4 French DJs who met in high school, that came together to create a versatile album with an electro, hip hop, and rock influence with an overall funky 70’s vibe. The band won the DMC World Competition four years in a row (2003-2006). ¬†Check them out on soundcloud here::¬†

C2C: Happy Ft. D. Martin

C2C: Delta

Welcome to the New Age


It’s funny how much technology plays a role in our lives; living for years in what felt like the dark ages of cell phones, I finally upgraded to a smart phone. Looking back it’s hard to imagine not having web access at my fingertips–how did I survive?? I’ve begun to see the close relationship between convenience and contentment; the ease of which has become a gluttonous way of ingesting happiness.

The mentality that the more conveniences and luxury you can afford, the happier you will be continues to push its way to the foreground of media and advertisement–showing consumers the ideal lifestyle comes only with the latest tech, fastest cars, and most accommodating amenities. It all comes back to money. In order to do anything, go anywhere, or be anything money is a fundamental part of the equation. Hence the unending hunt for wealth; more money, the greater the opportunities.

I can’t say I haven’t wanted wealth; dreamed of an extravagant life filled with hot tubs, Egyptian cotton, and a house wide sound system. For now I find joy in the small things like name brand cereal. 

Self sufficiency has been a must in many situations over the past several years and I’ve found that equally, if not more satisfying. Yes, this does require time and effort–something we seem all too eager to avoid, but nothing worth having comes easy. You can make easy money, but few can maintain wealth with short cuts and schemes. Happiness has to come from inside yourself; at some point objects lose their luster and are replaced with a new model, people will let you down and disappoint you (we are, after all human and are bound to act on selfish tendencies), and sometimes you will find yourself broke and out on your ass because that’s the hand life dealt you. But if one can remember that no amount of money in the world can buy the feeling of contentment, the grasp that wealth has us in, becomes that much weaker. If we can continue to obtain virtues such as initiative, gratitude, persistence, selflessness and determination; we all have a much stronger chance of finding fulfillment that no amount of convenience can provide. It all comes down to an individual’s mindset; a person cannot always change their situation, but they can change their attitude.

Adopt a new attitude; remember where true happiness comes from and keep your eyes on the real prize while not falling for the false glimmer of wealth; it’s a rabbit hole too many fall victim to and can be avoided if we started placing value elsewhere. There are so many things money can’t buy and yet so many people live without; this holiday season lets all cash in on the wealth of a renewed spirit being fed with hard work, dedication, exceptional merit, and love.