About a boy


There’s something different about this boy

Got me feelin’ like Helen of Troy

He has style with a classic grace

In his finger tips when he grasps my face

An old soul groovin’ to a fresh beat

My favorite place is tangled in my sheets

His laugh, his smile, he’s got these eyes

That see right through, got me hypnotized

But more than that, I feel seen

No longer stuck in between

That feeling of whether it’s real or not

Because no matter what this man was brought

Into my life under the strangest of chances

And the simplest things, he enhances

At the very least my heart is on fire

He is the spark made to inspire

I feel like…


I feel like a storm; rolling through the hills with thunderous booms & clashes of light.

I feel like a seesaw; the ups & downs, the weight moving me just an inch off the ground.

I feel like a banana; with a hint of green, ripe for eating but lacking flavor.

I feel like a question; that has no answer just rhetorical irony.

I feel like a candle; that can fill a room & burn for hours until my fire has no more wick.

I feel like a plant; needing trimmed so I can have the chance to regrow.

I feel like a little girl; with big dreams and a blank canvas to paint them on.

The Beat is My Native Language


C2C’s album Tetra is one I can listen to whether I’m working out, taking a drive, or lounging around the house. I fell in love with the diverse groove and the replay value is incredible. This band is made up of 4 French DJs who met in high school, that came together to create a versatile album with an electro, hip hop, and rock influence with an overall funky 70’s vibe. The band won the DMC World Competition four years in a row (2003-2006).  Check them out on soundcloud here:: https://soundcloud.com/c2cdjs.

C2C: Happy Ft. D. Martin

C2C: Delta

Bloomington Graffiti


I recently took a History of Hip Hop class with the assignment to pick one of the four elements (MCing, DJing, Graffiti, and Breaking) to identify and analyze locally. I had noticed graffiti on a building along the b-line trail and decided it would be a perfect wealth of information for this assignment. A friend had mentioned previous graffiti work there that was covered up, just to yet again be graffitied–always love a good rebellion story and interesting to see the differing opinion of city officials and graffiti artists  regarding community art appropriation. I came across several alley ways around the Kirkwood area to photograph in addition.

2012-10-01 17.31.17

2012-10-01 13.30.26

2012-10-01 13.20.57

2012-10-01 17.30.44

2012-10-01 13.23.38

2012-10-01 13.23.23

2012-10-01 17.31.52

2012-10-01 13.30.40

2012-10-01 13.24.12

2012-10-01 13.40.52

2012-10-01 17.31.23

2012-10-01 13.22.55

2012-10-01 13.28.27